Candida albicans and Cancer information

Due to the serious nature of cancer and the link being made between it and candida albicans in this article it is important to state now that this is for information only. This should not be taken above anything your doctor has told you and absolutely is not meant as a suggestion for treatment or action if you are a cancer patient yourself. Take the information gathered and use it to start a discussion with people around you, other patients, your doctors and perhaps this candida albicans and cancer information can be a starting point for further research if what it contains interests you.

Debate in the medical world
When taking this debate to doctors and scientists there is a disagreement on the candida albicans and cancer information you will receive. Not about whether having cancer can lead to candida and yeast infections – cancer and its treatment weakens the immune system and leaves your body less able to fight infection and control the fungus. But the big debate focusses on the opposite questions, can candida cause cancer? The proposers put forward the idea that when a person has an internal imbalance and there is a large number of candida, this means there are many toxins in the body that overload the organs, cause digestive problems and can cause the growth of cancer cells.

Dr Tullio Simoncini
The most well known proposer of candida causing cancer is Dr Tullio Simoncini, though bare in mind that most of the medical world has rejected his theories, and there is little real scientific evidence for them. He claims that his mistrust in modern medicine because of its inability to look beyond accepted theories made him look differently at certain areas. His idea was that candida albicans and cancer were not just linked because the weakened condition the cancer caused allowed for candida overgrowth, but that reversly cancer in some is caused by candida. He adopted the use of baking soda as a treatment for destroying the fungus and the cancer cells in them which in turn stops them becoming tumors.

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