How can Natren’s Healthy Trinity Help With my Intestinal Yeast Infection?

Natren’s Healthy Trinity has 30 billion CFU. That is per capsule. It is a probiotic that promises to help with your digestive system so that you are absorbing the nutrients you need, giving your immune system a boost so it fights the candida, and clears out waste and toxins. The good bacteria will help prevent bad bacteria from attaching to your intestines as well as with controlling the growth of candida. It does this by producing hydrogen peroxide which makes the environment less hospitable for the fungus.

This probiotic will also help with digesting dairy products, gas, helps you maintain a good cholesterol level, helps digest proteins and complex carbohydrates and releases B vitamins. Each capsule is made so that it passes safely through the stomach acids and reaches the intestines without losing any of the contents.

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