3 (three) Lac Probiotic Supplement

There are several ways you might find this probiotic reffered to if you are trying to find out about it, Threelac is the official way, but sometimes people shorten it to 3 (three) lac probiotic supplement, so on this site we have tried to cover the bases, so that you get the information you need however you search for it! Probiotic supplements have become quite a business in recent years as people realized the importance of good bacteria in the intestines for a healthy body.

Good bacteria may also be called beneficial bacteria or friendly bacteria but it all means the same thing, they are part of the billions of micro organisms in your body, and these in particular are essential to controlling candida and having a strong immune system. 3 (three) lac probiotic supplement is not the only way to get those good bacteria back into your body if you need replenishing – but they have certainly had a very effective marketing strategy and many people have had success with them, so lets look at what it is and what it does.

Why we need good bacteria
There are essentially three types of micro-organisms inside us and living on us, one type neither harms us nor helps us, another can cause us to become ill, and the final is actually helpful. Good bacteria has a number of essential roles, it boosts the immune system helps us absorb the nutrients we need and digest our food, and competes with candida for food ensuring the yeast does not overgrow. Certain things can kill the bacteria such as stress, chemical imbalance, some medications, antibiotics and so on. It is when this happens that the candida (which in its benign state is neither helpful nor harmful) can overgrow. At this point when the numbers multiply it turns to its pathogenic state and is then a harmful micro-organism.

Taking probiotic supplements
Probiotic supplements are a way to take an active role in re-balancing your body by putting back in a large number of good bacteria. You can get probiotic foods such as yogurts, that also contain good bacteria, but some of those get destroyed in the digestion process, and the numbers that reach the intestines are in most cases not enough. Taking something like the 3 (three) lac probiotic supplement ensures they get to where they are needed, and there are high enough numbers to make a difference.

Originally developed by a pharmaceutical company in Japan, Threelac has three different bacteria in it, specifically cultured because of their effectiveness against Candida. It is meant to be taken for several months before balance is acheived and comes in the form of a powder that tastes lemony. Die-off is possible, something that can happen when a lot of candida dies and releases toxins into your body triggering a worsening of symptoms. If it does you can cut back on the doses. 3 (three) lac probiotic supplement contains C, B1, B6, B2 vitamins, the probiotics bacillus coagulans, bacillus subtilis and enterococcus faecalis, then there is also sugar, dietary fiber and refined yeast powder.

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