Candida and Acne – Can Candida overgrowth cause skin outbreaks?

Candida is more than just a fungus that can cause localized external yeast infections. There is a growing belief that there can also be internal candida overgrowth which has various symptoms and is suggested to be linked to a number of conditions. There are a large range of symptoms that occur or are attributed by many to candida, including that of candida and acne. So if you have candida and acne is candida overgrowth the cause of the skin outbreaks or are they simply linked from a common cause, a poor diet?

How your body is affected by candida
There are a lot of people that report when they suffer from candida overgrowth they also have acne problems. Not everyone experiences this symptom, it is not one of the main ones, but it can happen apparently. With internal candida overgrowth a person’s immune system is weakened, hormones are not being regulated properly, a person’s metabolism may not be working properly or cellular reproduction. Since the fungus is releasing more waste into the body, and the organs responsible for cleaning toxins and impurities out are not working efficiently this can cause skin outbreaks. Candida and acne can therefore clearly be linked.

Diet and your skin
It is important to keep in mind though that the food you eat also has a direct affect on candida and acne. Sugars will feed the candida, and can cause skin outbreaks, so in this case while the two may happen at the same time, it is the sugar that causes them. People may find that when they go on a candida diet that eliminates junk foods, processed foods, refined foods and sugars, and adds more fresh organic vegetables and healthy foods, that their skin also improves. This is then thought to be because the candida caused it and so by treating the candida the acne has gone. But it could also be a cause of a healthier diet means healthier skin.

Antibiotics warning
If you do have candida problems bare in mind that if you go to your doctor for help with your acne, you may be prescribed antibiotics. While these may help the skin problem they will only worsen your candida problem, as they will further damage your numbers of good bacteria allowing the candida to grow. If you do need to use antibiotics consider taking probiotics and prebiotics to replenish and feed your good bacteria.

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