What is a Chronic Yeast Infection?

Chronic yeast infection may also be called recurring yeast infection and means you get a yeast infection four or more times a year. So if you get it three times a year you are not classed as having chronic yeast infections even though you get it more than once. If you have chronic yeast infection you really need to see a doctor if you have not already. Chronic yeast infections occur for a number of reasons, not using treatments correctly, a candida that has a resistance to treatment, not dealing with the root cause, not using strong enough treatment.

By talking with your doctor you can identify why you are getting 4 or more yeast infections a year and try to take steps to deal with it. That may mean a stronger prescription, a change in diet and clothing, a change in other medication, and so on. If you are more prone to yeast infections because of a weakened immune system caused by an illness like HIV or by a treatment like chemotherapy your doctor may advice you try taking prophylactic treatment, meaning taking anti-fungal medication regularly as a preventative measure.

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