The Candida Wellness Center

The Candida Wellness Center is a place in Provo Utah that was founded by Gary Carlsen in 1990. They also have a website that offers products for sale and information. The quote on their main page states,

“Our products are of the highest quality with an uncompromising standard of superior ingredients and totally natural approach”.

The Candida Wellness Center is not there to treat people exactly, it is there to show you how to be healthy and to help you re-balance your body. They claim 17 years of success in helping people overcome and prevent candida yeast infections.

The Candida Yeast Answer Program
This program is offered by the Candida Wellness Center and is made up of anti-fungal products that use herbal ingredients formulated to kill the candida. The products come with instructions on when to take the products and offers free counseling if you need it. It is a drug free program that is natural and safe and effective. The Candida Wellness Center has made a program of products that have no harmful side effects and they claim that their customers on this program have a higher rate of success than nearly all other forms of therapy.

As well as the products there is a booklet that gives details on what else you can do alongside the products, what Candida is, why you have it and how to prevent it from occurring again. The Candida Wellness Center pride themselves on helping you overcome candida permanently, getting rid of the overgrowth and the symptoms. The program also says it may help with your digestion and other health problems that you have not been able to get on top of, because they have been caused by the candida. By following the program customers can ensure there is less stress on their immune system, the nervous system and glands, reproductive organs are healthier and food is properly assimilated.

The Candida Wellness Center website
On the Candida Wellness Center website you can find out about the company, where they are, how to order online, what products they offer, information about candida and its symptoms, download a booklet, complete a candida questionnaire and look at testimonials.

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