How Do I Use Honey to Treat a Yeast Infection?

Honey is used for various medicinal purposes and on yeast infections is one of them. It is a messy home remedy but many people have had success with it, so it could be the alternative treatment for your yeast infection that you have been looking for! Make sure you use raw organic honey if you choose to try it, not just any honey as you want the good bacteria in it.

Ways to use honey include;

  • Eating it. If your problem with candida is an intestinal one this is a way to get good bacteria into your system;
  • Drink it. Mix some raw honey with apple cider vinegar (another home remedy ingredient for treating yeast infections) and some warm water. Drink once a day;
  • Using it like a very sticky cream. Pour or smear a very generous amount of honey over the yeast infection, do over a towel in case of dripping or mess. Have a washcloth ready to wipe your hands after and lie there for 20 minutes. Then run a warm bath and gently wash yourself off. Twice a day will see quick results.

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