Skin Yeast Infections

In order to treat skin yeast infections which are an infection of the skin, it is important to understand why we get them. The most common yeast in our bodies is Candida. Living on the surface of our body Candid Albicans are usually prevented from spreading and becoming a yeast infection by bacteria. However, sometimes there are moments when our bodies become out of balance and the bacteria are not there to do their job, and so the yeast multiplies and the fungus turns infectious. The good news is that this can be treated naturally.

There are both preventatives and cures that can be tried at home using natural remedies if you are showing symptoms. Though from person to person these can change a little, the common signs are painful intercourse, depression, vaginal itching, pains in the genital area and even memory issues. Natural remedies are very effective and treat your symptoms as well as the root problem, where as many over the counter options do not. After all, natural cures do not make the drug companies money and so it is better business to push drugs and medications rather than natural treatments.

There are many healing properties in honey, and in this case the raw kind has good bacteria. Remember the infection started because the good bacteria in your body is out of balance. The honey’s bacteria just gives yours a boost. Spread it on the infection, a good amount, and then leave it for eight to ten minutes. Then rinse with a soap that is non-medicated.

The skin yeast infection can cause bruises and a rash. To treat these symptoms rub organic coconut oil on just like you would an ointment or cream. This also help rebalance the bacteria and yeast. It is worth noting that this can also be used to rub onto the penis as well as the vagina, as the yeast can be transferred to both genders during intercourse.

Apple cider vinegar has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents and is therefore an excellent natural remedy to treat yeast infections with. Simply add it into your bath and let yourself relax in it. You will find you have a sweet apple scent after!

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