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Yeast infection – children are also exposed!

When we want to discuss yeast infection in children, you first must know that they usually appear in one of two ways; the vaginal or rectal areas. In the vagina it’s known as vaginitis, and the rectal area it’s diaper rash, hemorrhoids or pruritis ani. Continue reading

Yeast infection – pregnancy makes you more vulnerable!

Pregnancy has many hurdles to face like sickness, swelling and poor sleeping so the last thing a woman needs is a yeast infection. It can be very stressful as you worry about how to treat it without hurting your unborn child, or possibly passing it on to them during labor. Continue reading

Tongue yeast infection – info, facts and how to deal with it!

All yeast infections are difficult but getting tongue thrush is particularly hard due to its visible nature. It can be very embarrassing because it is unsightly and has an odor. There is no need to panic or become depressed as there are treatment options. Continue reading