Over the Counter Yeast Infection Treatments

When suffering from a yeast infection whatever form it takes, the key goal for the sufferer is to find relief for the very uncomfortable symptoms. A yeast infection is caused by the over growth of a fungus called Candida Albicans. This fungus lives on the body of everyone, women and men. It stays at low numbers and therefore causes no health problems because of a healthy immune system and the good bacteria. But if something kills the good bacteria or has a negative impact on the immune system the fungus can multiply very quickly. It is then a person may start to notice symptoms of a yeast infection which include itching, rashes,discharge, swelling, redness, blisters and discomfort.

Usually the first instinct when considering treatment is to visit your local pharmacy and look at over the counter yeast infection treatment kits. There are many brands to choose from nowadays that both men and woman can use. These over the counter yeast infection treatments are all anti-fungal in nature so they fight the fungus until it is back in low numbers again.

Over the counter yeast infection treatments come in several forms. Some have a combination of pill and cream, some are just creams or lotions, some are vaginal suppositories and some are lozenges or pastilles for the oral form of the infection. They also come in various lengths of treatment, from 1 day, 3day, 5day to 7 day.

The problem some sufferers have found with over the counter yeast infection treatments is that the yeast infection keeps recurring even after proper treatment. If you are getting a yeast infection 4 or more times a year this is classed as a recurring infection. There is a concern that suffers are using over the counter treatments to deal with their symptoms but are not dealing with the root cause of the infection. This means it keeps returning and develops a resistance to the treatment that sufferer used. Pretty soon over the counter yeast infection treatments become ineffective and useless.

There is also the issue of side effects. All drugs come with possible side effects and over the counter yeast infection treatments are no exception. Some users have no problem at all with them, whereas others have to discontinue using them because the side effects are worse then the yeast infection itself. These treatments are best used at the start of an infection when the symptoms are just mild. The longer you ignore an infection the harder it becomes to treat.

There are many over the counter yeast infection brands but they include:

    • Monistat Vaginal
    • Monistat-Derm
    • Femizole-7
    • Vagistat Vaginal
    • Femstat
    • Gyne-Lotrimin
    • Diflucan

Pregnant women, first time sufferers and those with recurring infections should really see a doctor before self treating. A lot of people incorrectly self diagnose themselves with a yeast infection when in fact they have something that has similar or the same symptoms such as an STD or other infection. An over the counter yeast infection treatment will be ineffective at treating that and whatever you do have is going untreated.

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