Candida Infection of the Lung

Usually when we talk about yeast infections we are talking about the external localized forms, vaginal, oral, anal, skin and so on. These types are irritating, can cause a great deal of discomfort and embarrassment, but they are not serious medical conditions. Candida can be a serious problem for some people though and can even be fatal for people with immune systems that have been compromised. In these cases, a systemic infection, where the candida has entered the blood stream and can travel around the body damaging internal organs, is a very serious condition indeed. It is the fourth most common hospital acquired infection and one result of a systemic yeast infection could be a candida infection of the lung.

People that are more at risk from a candida infection of the lung
If you are in general good health a candida infection of the lung is not something you need to be too concerned about. Remember in order for the candida to affect your lungs it needs to enter your blood stream, and this is something that in nearly all cases happens when a patient is already in hospital, or they have a disease, or are taking a treatment that severely affects their immune system. Examples of those that are more at risk include;

  • patients in critical or intensive care
  • underweight newborn babies
  • cancer patients receiving chemotherapy
  • HIV/AIDS patients
  • Men are more likely to than women
  • Surgical patients

Recognizing a candida infection of the lung
Symptoms are not just specific to the lungs, there are those relating to the candida in the blood, and those relating to the damage that may be done to other organs too. There are likely to be symptoms such as a fever, anemia, chills, possibly skin rash though not always, and then other organs affected may show up with heart murmurs, blurred vision, lowered mental function, seizures and more. Specific lung symptoms include;

  • Breathing difficulty
  • wheezing
  • coughing
  • coughing up a bloody mucus
  • pain in the chest area or a tightness

Prognosis if you develop a candida infection of the lung
If the doctors working with you recognize the symptoms early then you have a good chance of surviving it. There are various anti-fungal drugs that can be used depending on the species, how bad it is, your health and allergies, what other medications you are on. However if medical response is not swift the prognosis is not good. Because your body is already so weak this invasive form of candida infection could easily kill you.

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