One Day Yeast Infection Treatment – Is There Such a Thing?

The quick answer to this question is yes there are one day yeast infection treatments you can get either over the counter at a pharmacy or from your doctor. But the key to this is that it is a treatment for one day – not a cure in one day. There is a big difference. Several brands that make candida treatments have one day yeast infection treatment options, as well as 3 day, 5 day and seven day options. However this means the same amount of anti-fungal drug is condensed into one dose, instead of being spread out into several doses over several days. How long it takes to actually treat the infection has not changed, as with most of these treatments the yeast infection can take up to seven days to clear up, no matter what course you choose, one day yeast infection treatment or five day.

Examples of one day yeast infection treatment options
Monistat have several one day yeast infection treatment options, the form of application changing to suit different women and their preferences. Some are for overnight, some are a cream in an applicator, an ovule, some come with other yeast infection treatment products like an external cream for symptoms or wipes. Their reasoning for offering 1 day treatments is that for some women it is a useful convenience, all you have to do is remember to do it once and its done, you just have to wait for up to 7 days for the results. For busy women or those that tend to forget to apply medication it is the ideal solution.

The active ingredient Monistat uses is the anti-fungal drug Miconazole. This should not be used if you are on the blood thinning drug Warfarin as it will increase the thinning of blood and can cause bleeding and increase bruising. While using miconazole you should not rely on contraception devices such as diaphragms, condoms, or cervical caps as miconazole interferes with them. Abstinence from sex is best to avoid pregnancy and to avoid infecting your partner. Use a sanitary pad in case there is any leakage or if you use creams, but do not use tampons as they will soak up the medication.

Vagistat-1 is another one day yeast infection treatment option and its active anti-fungal is Tioconazole. It is recommended that the application be done at night, insert the ointment with the applicator.

Femstat also has a one day yeast infection treatment option that uses butoconazole as its main anti-fungal ingredient.

Diflucan the brand name for fluconazole can also be prescribed in a one day dose.

Before taking a treatment
Before you take any treatment make sure you get it properly diagnosed by a doctor as two thirds of women misdiagnose themselves and therefore incorrectly treat themselves for a yeast infection, and then wonder why it is ineffective. When it is confirmed you have a yeast infection decide whether you want to use a one day yeast infection treatment or one of the other options and make sure you complete the course. If after 7 days you have not had any improvement, see your doctor again.

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