Yeast infections – men are equally exposed

The suggestions for treating yeast infections naturally actually work for men, women and children. A yeast infection is the same no matter who has it. However as with pharmaceuticals and prescribed drugs different remedies work with different effectiveness on different people. The following suggestions worked for me, so I would advise you to give them a go. Try using all three methods to increase your chances of becoming yeast free!

Yogurt is a great effective natural way to treat yeast infections. Eating fairly large amounts can reduce the risk of getting yeast infections but don’t make yourself sick! It almost acts like an antibiotic though it isn’t. Do make sure that you use a natural sugar free, fruit free yoghurt. (Sugar feeds the yeast, you do not want to encourage it to grow). As well as eating it you can also use it as an ointment. Use it directly from the fridge and apply the yogurt to some cotton swabs or tampons then apply the tampons to the infection. The wonderful coolness soothes the itching and reduces any swelling thus helping to ease the pain. The bacteria in the yogurt (probiotic) works against the yeast infection fighting the fungus. Do this twice a day, morning and night and you will notice its effects straight away. You may need to use additional treatments alongside this.

Another method to combat yeast infections yourself is to mix together water and apple cider vinegar and drink it. Or blended with garlic and applied directly on the infection. This again eases the rash and burning.

Finally try a boric acid suppository. This is anti-fungal and an antiseptic. As well as giving relief to the symptoms of burning and itching it kills the actual bacteria that cause yeast infections. You can buy them from health stores or pharmacies. If you cannot find it, make your own by mixing boric acid powder with water and apply it to the infected area. While at the health store look for acidophilus and black walnut as these too are natural treatments for yeast infections.

Generally, when it comes to yeast infections men tend to consider themselves protected thinking of this as a female specific disease; however, that’s not always the case so they should be much more careful about this disease.

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