Male yeast treatment – is it a specific one?

Yeast infections occur in everyone: men, women even infants. It happens in men when Candida Albicans fungus grows and spreads anywhere on the body including the penis. When at a temperature that is room temperature the fungus spores stay in a dormant phase. But given the right conditions, a change in environment like hotter, more humid weather these spores increase and become a yeast infection. Other causes of their growth include a change in the body caused by antibiotics, even a raise in body temperature during sex.

One option when you have a yeast infection is to consult your doctor or consider over the counter treatments. But there are circumstances where the yeast infection comes back and sufferers have to relive the pain and irritation of a yeast infection every few months, because not all the spores are being killed.

Doctors usually advice patients to only use the prescribed treatments for two to three days i.e. when the symptoms are gone. This is because of the chemicals that are in them. If used for longer these chemicals could cause other problems to the skin, particularly in a sensitive area like the genitals. The problem with this is that the spores are not all killed in this time. The fully grown Candida Albicans are taken care of but quite often spores that have not matured will remain in the infected area. When the environment becomes hospitable again they thrive again and so the yeast infection cycle continues.

A large number of people turn to natural treatments because of this. In fact perhaps the best male yeast treatment is a home one. Natural remedies have been used successfully without side effects for hundreds of years. Do a search online and you will find many suggestions for home cures though make sure you are careful after all you are applying it to your penis! Suggestions that do work are garlic, carrots, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil and pro biotic yogurts.

To summaries the ideal way to treat male yeast infections is to use home natural remedies. Unlike chemically created pharmaceuticals they have no side effects and are more successful at killing all the spores therefore stopping the infection from reoccurring.

Generally speaking, we can’t say that there’s a specific male yeast treatment, as bacteria usually responds to the same kind of treatment as in females.

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