What Are The Symptoms of Baby Thrush?

Thrush can be used as another name for a yeast infection, but in general it is used specifically for an oral yeast infection. Young babies are particularly susceptible to getting a mouth yeast infection because the conditions are so perfect for the candida and their immune systems are not fully developed. The fungus loves moist and warm areas and all that milk and drool certainly means a baby’s mouth is just that! Symptoms of baby Thrush are a little different to Thrush in adults. Quite often it is not a serious problem and can even go away by itself. It is more common amongst bottle fed babies than breast fed ones but if the latter do get it, the mother needs to treat herself in case of a breast yeast infection, so that she doesn’t reinfect the baby and continue the cycle of infection.

Symptoms of baby Thrush include;

  • sore mouth
  • white film on the tongue that when scraped gently with a nail does not come away as milk scum does
  • white film may also be on the roof of the mouth and cheeks
  • underlying skin may be inflamed
  • in some babies it is painful in some it causes no pain at all
  • in cases where the baby is in a lot of pain it can affect their feeding and have them refusing to take their milk
  • fussiness at feeding time

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