A Discussion on What to Expect While Doing a Candida Cleanse

A candida cleanse is something some sufferers undertake when they have a problem with intestinal candida overgrowth. It involves cleansing out your system to help flush out the toxins the fungus releases into your body that leads to a whole range of symptoms. This article is to offer a little insight into what to expect while doing a candida cleanse.

Why a cleanse works
Candida yeast infections are about an imbalance. Our bodies have many natural micro-organisms living on and in us, including friendly bacteria, and candida yeast. Certain factors can trigger an imbalance between those organisms allowing the candida to grow into its fungal form and become invasive. Diets high in sugar, prolonged use of antibiotics, oral birth control are just three of those triggers, there are others. This also means there are more toxins in your system now, as the candida releases its waste into your body. A cleanse can help remove the toxins and some of the candida.

What to expect while doing a candida cleanse
You need to make sure you have a day or two free from chores, work, and so on. When you do the cleanse you can expect to need the bathroom, after all are removing matter from your bowels and intestines. Also make sure to drink plenty of water while doing a cleanse as this will help flush out toxins and so on through your urine. You also need to stay hydrated. One of the thins to expect while doing a candida cleanse are headaches and potential dehydration if you do not stay on top of your fluids.

Your food intake for the day should be minimal. Some broth, some vegetables perhaps. No carbohydrates, no sugar, no yeast. Just enough to replenish your system with nutrients and vitamins it needs without re-polluting it with junk, processed or refined foods. You may have a feeling if lightness once it is done, and may want to rest up after, though some people find it rejuvenates and re-energizes them and after a morning cleanse they are ready for a walk or the gym that afternoon or evening. This varies from person to person.

Another thing to be prepared for is die-off or the herx reaction. When a lot of candida is dieing it releases more toxins and so symptoms of candida overgrowth actually can get worse. Sometimes people think this means the cleanse is not working, but in fact this is not true, it is something that some just have to tough out. Symptoms can include;

  • headaches
  • nausea
  • loss of appetite
  • acne
  • mood swings
  • flu or cold symptoms

If a week after the cleanse you still do not feel better, see your doctor.

Candida diet
Above is what to expect when doing a candida cleanse, but after you have done one you may want to consider trying a candida diet, so that you gain control of your problem and taking supplements to help re-populate your body with good bacteria and any nutrients or minerals it may be lacking due to the candida overgrowth. There are articles on this site that detail the diet plan, foods that can and cannot be eaten, as well as supplements that some sufferers have found beneficial.

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