Uncommon Male Yeast Infections

Usually uncommon male yeast infections happen after having intercourse or being intimate with an infected woman. It is easily treated with anti fungal creams, or there are prescripted medications for penile yeast infections. The condition is also known as Candidiasis. Though more commonly seen in women than men, men can get them. Those who are at greater risk are diabetics and men who are uncircumcised. It is not necessarily a definite thing, that sex with an infected woman will lead the man to get it, but it can happen. Men with foreskins are more likely because the foreskin holds moisture and is therefore an ideal breeding ground for the yeast. HIV sufferers are also more likely to get it. It is not just a penile infection, you can get oral yeast infection too.

Though safe sex is important, certain condoms can be attributed to yeast infections if they have the lubricant nonoxynol-9. Antibiotics are another causing factor, if taken for a prolonged period. They can kill the bacteria that are beneficial in our bodies, the ones that had been keeping the Candida Albans (the fungus that causes the infection) from overgrowing.

When the yeast enters the penis men can experience several symptoms. Jock itch is a common one along with pain, burning when having sex or urinating, the head is more red, soreness, white discharge, blisters and patches. Other signs are indigestion, loose stools, constipation, bad breath, mood swings, irritability, tiredness, bloating, gas, lack of energy, athletes foot, memory loss (in extreme cases) and prostrate problems.

It can happen in anyone at any age, even young boys as it can be triggered if feces touches the penis leading to bacteria from the feces causing a yeast infection. Babies can get it from diaper rash. Wearing damp clothing can bring it on as it provides an ideal breeding environment. Between the ages of six and nine children also face more risk of chronic oral cavity yeast infection, identifiable by white patches in the mouth.

If you have an infected female sexual partner you should get yourself checked. If the female gets treatment but the man does not, the infection can get passed back to her, and then it becomes a vicious cycle. Fasting glucose levels should be checked by men if they are facing a yeast infection.

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