Looking at Products from Aquaflora for Candida

Aquaflora is a range of homeopathic products for a variety of health issues, such as gas, digestion, parasites, intestinal health, candida and more. When using Aquaflora for candida the claim from the company is that it uses a combination of vibrational science along with homeopathy as an effective way to kill candida without any side effects. Vibrational science is the theory that everything has a unique energy pattern when healthy. By optimizing that energy you optimize your health so get the right frequency in your body and you can prevent disease and infection.

What is Aquaflora?
The name Aquaflora refers to water and the collection of micro-organisms that make up the normal healthy flora in our bodies, fungi, bacteria and so on. The water used in the products is bio-energetically enhanced. This means it is mineral water that is stripped of minerals and additives and then re-energized with a specific frequency depending on what treatment. There is nothing in the treatments that can aggravate the candida, no sugar, glycerin, alcohol, gluten or any toxic chemicals.

Added to the charged water are homeopathic ingredients that are all natural and FDA registered. Homeopathy is based on the Law of Similars that states that taking a natural substance that creates the same set of symptoms as your illness in a prepared remedy can help with your problem i.e. It alleviates the same symptoms that it produces because it stimulates the body to heal itself. The benefits of using homeopathic means such as Aquaflora for candida are;

  • Can work while patient is on prescription medication in some cases.
  • Patients that cannot use conventional drugs due to side effects can often safely use homeopathic drugs.
  • Minimal side effects, no toxicity, no addiction, no dependency, no withdrawal.
  • Low Cost.
  • You can achieve good results when self-treating for many common acute conditions.
  • Patients often report improvement in overall energy, mood, quality of sleep, and digestion, and the disappearance of other symptoms apparently unrelated to the condition being treated with homeopathy.

Products from Aquaflora for candida
It is recommended by the makers that while using their products you also follow a candida diet to help your recovery. This involves cleansing and then cutting out certain foods, sugar, processed, junk and refined foods in particular. These can be slowly re-introduced when the candida treatment is effective. For more details on the candida diet see the other related articles on this site. There are several Aquaflora for candida products. They include:

Aquaflora Candida High Potency 9
Other products on the market that just use good bacteria like Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria to help restore intestinal flora can only kill certain types of candida. Aquaflora for candida High Potency 9 claims to be effective for all 9 strains of candida that cause yeast infections in humans. It also has 3 flower essences to help with emotional healing and helps minimize the die-off process, when the dieing fungus releases more toxins and you possibly suffer from increased candida symptoms.

One bottle lasts for 16 days of treatment. Adults take 1 capful twice a day, children 2 to 12 take half a cap twice a day, babies under 2 take ¼ a cap twice a day. It should be taken on an empty stomach before breakfast and before bed. Symptoms should be relieved between 1 to 14 days of treatment, and dose gets reduced as symptoms lessen to taking once or twice a week. When they are completely gone it should be used as maintenance 3 times a month and then one month a year.

Aquaflora Probiotic Restoration
Contains 49 ingredients to help restore gastrointestinal balance. There are 16 strains of probiotics, 9 bowel nosodes to get rid of toxins and 24 homeopathic ingredients to help with symptoms such as;

  • abdominal tenderness and irritability
  • improve digestive functions
  • relieving toxicity, diarrhea and constipation
  • improve intestinal immunity
  • activate the body’s ability to improve general health
  • colic in newborns
  • gas, bloating and spasms
  • helping the body’s ability to regulate and maintain a healthy balance of good microorganisms
  • cramps and nausea

Aquaflora Enzyme Restoration
Has 47 ingredients to help the upper gastrointestinal tract with 24 enzymes and digestive components, 10 intestinal hormone regulators and 13 homeopathic ingredients to hep with;

  • digestive functions
  • eliminate the film coating on the tongue
  • gas and bloating
  • heartburn and acid reflux
  • mucus inflammation of the digestive tract
  • sensitivities from abusive eating
  • peptic and duodenal ulcerations
  • bad breath and metallic taste in the mouth
  • ulcerative colitis and enteritis
  • weak digestion
  • gastroenteritis

The idea is candida sufferers start with the High Potency 9 product and then use condition specific products to create your own program of treatment. So apart from the High Potency 9 you can choose from;

  • Acid Reflux Restoration
  • Constipation Restoration
  • Diarrhea & IBS Restoration
  • Digestive Ulcer Restoration
  • Foot Fungus Restoration
  • Gall Bladder Restoration
  • Hemorrhoid Restoration
  • Ileo-Cecal Valve Restoration
  • Parasite Restoration
  • Systemic Candida Restoration
  • Total Body Detox Restoration
  • Total Mold Restoration
  • Toxic Bowel Restoration

Other Aquaflora for candida products available are Aquaflora High Potency, AquaFlora Phase I and AquaFlora Phase II.

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