Yeast Infections Causes

There are several yeast infections causes and in order to be able to treat them effectively, or even prevent them, it is vital to understand them. It will also make people more aware of the symptoms so that the infection is identified early thus increasing the chance of treatments and cures from the pharmacy working. As with many diseases the longer it is left the stronger the drug will need to be to treat it. Yeast infections in women are one of the more common reasons for itching and discharge.

Fungus called Candida albicans is what leads to yeast infections in most women. There are other types of bacteria also but this is the main one. It spreads and multiplies quickly in the vaginal area leading to a yeast infection. Other causes are if your immune system has been weakened for various reasons such as lack of sleep or being sick. It is harder for the body to fight the beginnings of the infection if its still tired from the last battle! Since hormones are another cause of yeast infections when a woman is on her period, using birth control pills or even pregnant, her hormones can become out of balance and lead to an infection.

It is very important to remember that though it is not an STD, sex can be one of the yeast infections causes, as the candida bacteria can be swapped between partners during intercourse. Therefore it may be worth both partners looking at treatments if one notices some symptoms. Interestingly antibiotics that a person may be on for another illness can cause vaginal infections. There are some drugs that cause the infection as a side effect. Some medication, if it has been used long term, can also have this adverse affect. It is important to discuss all this with your doctor.

When considering general factors like the environment around you, hot and / or humid conditions can cause yeast infections as well as tight clothing. Finally avoid douching! This can wash away important good bacteria and secretions that would normally fight the yeast infection.

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