What Causes Yeast Infection?

Although most frequently found in females, yeast infections (also called Candida), are more usual than ever before. One common treatment is found on the counter of the local pharmacy in the form of a cream. Now there are several antibiotic products that can be either applied directly to the infected area or taken by mouth.

To answer the question “what causes yeast infection”, you have to know that such an infection happens when the body gets out of balance by producing too much yeast – which may cause an infection. Yeast is a natural part of the body’s system in places like the mouth, the penis, the skin or the vagina. The woman’s vagina is the most common place to find this type of infection.

When there is too much acid in the system, the natural yeast is caused to increase and throw the system out of balance. The vagina of the woman is a natural breeding place with just the right conditions to increase unhealthy amounts of yeast. Birth control pills or menstruation affect the acid levels of the system and encourage it to multiply because there is always a small natural amount of yeast present in the vagina. Unfortunately, many types of clothing that women wear do tend to create a proper environment for candida.

The Ph balance in the system of the body can be thrown into improper levels of acidity which allow the yeast to flourish. Menstruation can make the Ph factors of the system to be lowered, or the use of birth control pills may do the same. Under normal conditions, the immune system of the body will counteract any imbalance that occurs in the Ph of the body and bring the acid levels back into balance.

A persons daily eating habits can also affect the Ph levels of the system; being careful about the foods ingested to guard against a re-occurrence of a yeast infection is very helpful. The urine or the saliva is used to determine the levels of Ph in the system, with 6.4 being considered normal or preferred. When the Ph drops lower than 6.4, the conditions are present to encourage an overproduction of yeast.

Stress is a very destructive factor and contributes to many health issues, including yeast infections, as it will make the acid levels in the system of the body fluctuate to unhealthy levels. Excessive weight can also be a contributing factor, as well as fatigue.

In general, take good care of your health and diet to avoid unpleasant yeast infections, since after you read this article you have a more clear idea in your mind about what causes yeast infection.

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