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Accurate Diagnosis With a Yeast Infection Test

Most doctors can diagnose a yeast infection in otherwise healthy patients, without performing a yeast infection test, though if it is a first infection a test may be performed for accuracy. After a course of treatment is tried, if the infection does not go away then tests may be done. Continue reading

Vaginal Yeast Infection – Yeast Medication

Obviously a female problem, vaginal yest infections can leave sufferers in a lot of discomfort and with some horrible symptoms. These can include pain when urinating, irritation, itching, pain during sex and burning. There are several things you can do to ease the discomfort of the infection and treat it. Continue reading

Looking at Systemic Yeast Infections – Part One

When the fungus Candid albicans overgrows it can lead to a systemic yeast infection. Also known as systemic candidiasis it begins by entering the blood stream and from there affecting the urinary tract and liver. There are three levels of infection, occasional, chronic and systemic. Continue reading