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Child Yeast Infection? Learn How to Deal With it!

Children often are at risk for a yeast infection due to several factors:

The body of a mature individual naturally houses a certain amount of bacteria, which are both healthy and destructive – and also a degree of yeast or Candida Albicans. Continue reading

Male Yeast Infection Symptoms

Women are more likely to get a yeast infection than men, but men can still get them and the symptoms and causes tend to be very similar. In men because they are more likely to be beer drinkers this can help a male yeast infection thrive as does eating lots of sweet snacks. Continue reading

Yeast Infection Home Treatment

If you are looking for some yeast infection home treatments you can treat yourself with for a yeast infection this is the right place to be. Yeast infections are a nightmare to have to deal with and yet over three quarters of women will have to and some point. Continue reading

Some Cures for Yeast Infections

There are so many women that have suffered from yeast infections or that are going to at some point, and yet drug companies still have not produced treatments that work on the root problem as well as the symptoms. Continue reading

Best Yeast Infection Treatment

The best yeast infection treatment must treat the root of the problem as well as the symptoms. This is not medications over the counter or prescripted, as they do not offer a permanent solution. They treat only the symptoms and ignore the reason behind the infection. Continue reading

About the Causes of Yeast Infections

Yeast is a type of fungus and like all fungi it thrives in warm, dark and damp environments. There are many different types of fungus most of which will do no harm and some of which we can even eat like truffles and mushrooms. There are though some fungi that have the potential to do harm and one of these is Candida Albicans which is the fungus that leads to yeast infections. Continue reading