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Lamisil Terbinafine For Candida

Terbinafine is its generic name and Lamsil is its brand name. It is an anti-fungal medication particularly used to treat fungal infections of the finger or toe nails, and can also be used to treat children with fungal infection of the scalp hair follicles in children 4 years or older. Continue reading

The Common Symptoms of Yeast Infections

Not many illnesses can have such a drastic and miserable affect on a person as bad as a yeast infection. The itching can become so severe it is hard to leave the house because of embarrassing scratching, there is a gross cottage cheese like discharge, an unpleasant yeasty odor, pain and a redness and swelling. Continue reading

External Yeast Infection

When talking about external types of yeast infections we mean areas that can be seen such as the skin, the genital areas and the mouth. Internally a yeast infection can also spread throughout the intestines and digestive tract. There are several things that can cause an external yeast infection. Below are three of them. Continue reading