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External Yeast Infection

When talking about external types of yeast infections we mean areas that can be seen such as the skin, the genital areas and the mouth. Internally a yeast infection can also spread throughout the intestines and digestive tract. There are several things that can cause an external yeast infection. Below are three of them. Continue reading

Recurring yeast infections

Over three quarters of the women in the world will or already have dealt with a yeast infection and its uncomfortable symptoms. Vaginal yeast infection is the most common type but it can happen in the mouth (Thrush), under skin folds and in the penis too. It thrives in warm, wet and dark areas of the body. Continue reading

Looking at Systemic Yeast Infections – Part One

When the fungus Candid albicans overgrows it can lead to a systemic yeast infection. Also known as systemic candidiasis it begins by entering the blood stream and from there affecting the urinary tract and liver. There are three levels of infection, occasional, chronic and systemic. Continue reading