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Oral Yeast Infection – Symptoms, Cause & Treatment

A yeast infection of the mouth is known as oral yeast infection or Thrush. It is quite a common infection for men and teenagers. It is quite simple to treat with medications as long as its cause is not a chronic yeast infection, which is more stubborn! Continue reading

Child Yeast Infection? Learn How to Deal With it!

Children often are at risk for a yeast infection due to several factors:

The body of a mature individual naturally houses a certain amount of bacteria, which are both healthy and destructive – and also a degree of yeast or Candida Albicans. Continue reading

Some Cures for Yeast Infections

There are so many women that have suffered from yeast infections or that are going to at some point, and yet drug companies still have not produced treatments that work on the root problem as well as the symptoms. Continue reading

4 Symptoms of Vaginal Candida Infections

There are many symptoms when you have a vaginal yeast infection and not all women experience all symptoms. However some symptoms are more common, so this article will take a look at four of the more common signs of a vaginal yeast infection. Continue reading