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Why Do I Get a Yeast Infection When I Am Stressed?

Yeast infections are caused by the overgrowth of Candida, and that happens when there is imbalance in the body. When the chemicals or hormones in your body are imbalanced it can cause opportunity for the candida to overgrow and stress is a time of hormonal imbalance. Continue reading

I Think I Have Athlete’s Foot, Do I Have to See a Doctor?

Athlete’s foot should not be left untreated, but there are over the counter treatments you can get if the case is a mild one. However if you have bleeding, have a lot of inflammation, redness, or the infection does not clear up after treatment, you need to see a doctor. Continue reading

When is Potassium Bichromate Used for Yeast Infections?

Potassium bichromate is also known as potassium dichromate or Kali bichromicum. It is a compound that is gotten from potassium chromate or chromium iron ore. Continue reading

What Causes a Throat Yeast infection?

A throat yeast infection is very uncommon in otherwise healthy individuals. Usually it is a problem faced by those with weakened immune systems such as HIV or AIDS sufferers and by critically ill patients in hospital including those receiving chemotherapy as cancer treatment. Continue reading