When Can I Take a Pill for My Yeast Infection?

There are various forms of yeast infection treatments, sometimes you can choose according to your preference, and sometimes it depends on where your yeast infection is and how serious it is. Usually creams are used for skin and external yeast infections, suspensions and lozenges for oral yeast infections, vaginal suppositories for vagina yeast infections. Many sufferers that choose to use medicated treatment would prefer to use a pill because of the convenience, it is quick, easy, no mess, and no worries about forgetting to take your treatment.

But usually the pill form is for either internal yeast or severe yeast infections. There have been recent developments in over the counter brands offering a one dose pill to treat vaginal yeast infections but for a more severe infection a pill has to be prescribed by a doctor. It is important to understand however that pregnant women should not take a pill to treat a vaginal yeast infection as there is the potential result of harming the baby. A doctor tends to offer a pill as a last resort step though, when other options, creams or over the counter brands, have failed or they have a strain resistant to those drugs.

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