Red Marine Algae Against Candida

It has been found that sea vegetables contain between ten to twenty times the minerals and nutrients that land plants have. They have been used for years in supplements and products to help with a large range of heath and beauty issues. In the last 30 years scientists have proven that Red Marine Algae of which there are over 30 species can help boost the immune system, and had anti-viral properties against wide range of pathogens. Red Marine Algae against Candida are also being researched and there have been good results of it helping to control and reduce the Candida fungus.

The Chinese in fact have been using it for thousands of years and there it is available in nearly all health food stores. Modern medicine is just catching up with them. The Chinese believe that red algae improves the flow of energy through the body (Qi) improving well being and energy levels. It can be found in China, Japan and the general Pacific region.

How does red marine algae against candida work?
Once digested the nutrients are quickly absorbed including the carrageenans, which are sulfated polysaccharides that are what boosts the immune system into fighting infections including candida. Sulfated polysaccharides activate the production of lymphocyte which leads to more antibodies being made that boosts T-cell production and fights pathogenic infections. Other infections it has also been found to be effective against include herpes, boils, urinary tract infection, stomach problems, goiters and even asthma. It is also used for HIV and genital warts. Before using red marine algae against candida make sure you talk to your doctor first.

An example of a product that uses Red marine algae against candida
Phycoplex uses a scientific formulation of red marine algae harvested from Ireland’s shores. They say they have the only natural formulation that will kill candida in 7 to 10 days. As well as using the red marine algae against candida it can be used for IBS and other gut infections. Their claim is their formula of red marine algae against candida;

“In the case of Candida albicans directly causes the rupture of the yeast cells, thus destroying the yeast (no yeast cells left to grow)”

In their tests of their product they found it also helps detoxify the intestinal system and helps with weight loss as well as hunger suppression. Other tests and trials are still being carried out. Dose is two vegicaps a day to be taken for 30 days. At first takers will find they have loose bowel movement for 2 to 3 days as part of the detox process. During this time if you were suffering from bloating and discomfort this will go and digestion will improve. Hair will also become shinier and healthier.

Maintenance of red marine algae against candida
After the initial treatment period you have two options. Some continue to take one pill a day for maintenance purposes, particularly if their candida overgrowth was severe and there is a chance of a few fungal cells lingering around. Also it continues to help with digestion. Or you can stop after the month of treatment but then use it again in case of re-occurrence, which is always possible with Candida.

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