How do I Treat a Yeast Infection If It’s in My Nails?

A yeast infection in the nails can be difficult to treat because beneath the nail is harder to get to.It can come on suddenly or build up slowly and can spread to your other nails including toe nails. Symptoms include;

  • weak and easily chipped nails
  • change in color to white, yellow or green
  • tenderness, swelling and redness
  • a lifting of the nail

Treatment can either be conventional or alternative. Try a diluted apple cider vinegar soak, avoid over washing your hands and make sure you dry them thoroughly when you do especially under the nails. Limit how often you use artificial nails and make sure any nail salon you use has high levels of hygiene to avoid other forms of infections. Avoid wearing damp gloves or socks.

Your doctor can take scrapings to get a proper diagnosis and then may suggest over the counter or prescribed medications. Usually these are oral as creams cannot penetrate the nail to reach the infection below. Treatment can take many months to have success.

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