Am I Predisposed to Getting Yeast Infections?

It is true that there are some people that are predisposed to getting fungal infections than others. However the specifics of what makes one person more likely to get a yeast infection than the next is not known. There are some external factors though that affect it too, some of which are controllable if you are looking at prevention.

Factors that can predispose you to yeast infections;

  • The very young and the very old are more predisposed because their immune systems are weaker.
  • Living in a warm or humid climate makes you more predisposed because it keeps you damp and warm, the ideal environment for the candida to breed.
  • Hormonal times such as pregnancy, menstruation, oral birth control pills, HRT any time when hormones are fluctuating is a time that gives the yeast an opportunity to flourish.
  • Pre-existing skin conditions such as lichen planus or psoriasis means your skin is already irritated and more prone to infection.
  • Low immune system from treatment for cancer, HIV and so on.
  • Diabetes particularly if it is uncontrolled as blood sugar levels are high.
  • Being on a prolonged course of antibiotics means friendly bacteria that usually controls the candida is being killed.
  • Malnutrition means you are not getting the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed for a strong healthy immune system.
  • Occlusion, where you wear tight clothing, pantyhose, wet diapers for babies, all things that mean the air is not circulating, the skin is not breathing makes the ideal breeding ground for the yeast.

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