I Think I Have Athlete’s Foot, Do I Have to See a Doctor?

Athlete’s foot should not be left untreated, but there are over the counter treatments you can get if the case is a mild one. However if you have bleeding, have a lot of inflammation, redness, or the infection does not clear up after treatment, you need to see a doctor. He or she can prescribe a stronger anti-fungal treatment, and if a bacterial infection has also occurred, some antibiotics. Other reasons to see your doctor about athlete’s foot are if you are diabetic, also have a nail fungal infection or if you have a weakened immune system.

There are complications that can arise if you let athlete’s foot go untreated. It can spread to other parts of the body, the legs, groin, hands, nails and so on. It can also spread to family members. If you develop a nail fungus infection because of it this can be hard to treat and can take a long time. Secondary bacterial infections are also possible leading to cellulitis, and a bad smell.

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