Will a Candida Cleanse Work?

When taking any action against Candida it is important to keep in mind that sometimes what works for those that proposed it, may not be as successful for you. This is true of herbal, home, natural, and conventional treatments. Our bodies are all different and so we respond differently to illnesses and treatments too. With that said a lot of people have had great success following a candida cleanse.

A candida cleanse involves flushing toxins out of your body and then going on a diet that basically starves the fungus, while treating it with your chosen method. This can cause the candida to die quickly and some people may experience a worsening of symptoms called die-off. Some stop doing the candida cleanse because they think its making things worse not better, but actually though difficult to get through, this period of greater suffering is a sign the fungus is dieing and the candida cleanse is working. Though the diet is quite strict, it is not permanent, you can slowly re-introduce foods you may be missing, though you are encouraged to eat less of those that feed candida such as sugar and refined foods.

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