What Causes a Throat Yeast infection?

A throat yeast infection is very uncommon in otherwise healthy individuals. Usually it is a problem faced by those with weakened immune systems such as HIV or AIDS sufferers and by critically ill patients in hospital including those receiving chemotherapy as cancer treatment. Sometimes the patient may have Thrush, (oral yeast infection) and it may spread down the throat, but sometimes there can be a throat yeast infection without one of the mouth too. Causes other than a weakened immune system include;

  • Oral sex with an infected partner – it is possible though not common to develop a yeast infection in this manner.
  • Antibiotic use – prolonged use of antibiotics kill the good bacteria which causes an imbalance the fungus can take advantage of.
  • Stress – causes an imbalance of body chemicals which can cause a yeast infection.
  • Diabetes – if the person is not in control of their blood sugar levels.
  • Use of inhalers – asthmatics use steroids plus pumps are not always kept clean. Dust squirted to the throat may cause irritation or damage which may allow a yeast infection to flourish.

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