What Is a Candida Cleanse?

A candida cleanse refers to making large changes to your diet and doing a some form of colon flush. The idea behind it is that if you are suffering with intestinal candida overgrowth you can starve the candida by eliminating certain foods and flush out the candida and the toxins it releases. The flush can be a recipe you found online or you can buy kits from pharmacies now that are for flushing out your intestinal system. You need to be near a bathroom after doing the flush as it removes toxins, fecal matter and so on from inside.

The diet part of a candida cleanse essentially means cutting out sugar, refined foods, processed foods, junk foods, alcohol, caffeine, fungi,some dairy and so on. You also need to eat more leafy greens, lean proteins, raw foods, more fiber, lots of water. You also complete a course of anti-fungal treatment whether it is alternative or conventional.

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