A Look at Why Some Buy Hcg Drops for Candida

hCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a protein hormone also called the pregnancy hormone. It is developed by the placenta as soon as the fertilized egg implants into the woman’s uterus. It is in the class of hormones known as peptides which help with endocrine functions when released into the blood stream. For several years now hCG has been suggested and sold as a treatment/supplement to promote weight loss (though evidence as to its effectiveness is unclear) but there are some now that also buy hcg drops for candida treatment.

Candida is scientifically a reference to a large number of fungi over a hundred in fact, though not all are pathogenic. However when reading literature in books or online often candida is used as a reference to candida albicans the most common candida fungus species to live on and in humans, and the one most commonly responsible for yeast infections or internal imbalance. There is much controversy about candida and the symptoms and impact it has on a person, many doctors do not recognize internal overgrowth as a real problem unless it is an invasive condition in hospitalized patients. Despite this there are a large number of products and ideas out there that will tell you it does exist and they have the solution. Probiotic supplements, diet, herbal treatments, and now the call to buy hcg drops for candida.

Injections or hcg drops for candida
According to proponents the hcg diet which involves a strict diet along with taking hcg injections or drops, can not only help you with significant weight loss, it can also help re-balance your internal micro flora, regaining control over the candida and reducing it back down to acceptable and harmless levels. The hcg diet does in fact look very much like the candida diet, so whether it is the diet or the hcg drops that do this is not clear. Taking hcg is meant to help with serotonin levels in the brain so that you can deal with the candida symptoms of mood swings, depression and over mental symptoms. It is also supposed to help with the digestion of foods ensuring the immune system gets the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and fight the candida.

The hcg diet
The hcg diet is offered by certain clinics and essentially involves the client agreeing to a diet combined with daily doses of hcg. The idea is that even though the client is only allowed to eat 500 calories most days, the hcg and the choice of foods ensure they feel well fed, they get the nutrients they need and they lose weight.

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