What causes a breast yeast infection?

A breast yeast infection happens to some breastfeeding mothers. The yeast candida albicans loves warm and moist areas, which is certainly what breasts often are for nursing women. There are a few causes of breast yeast infection including;

  1. Your baby! Yes unfortunately the culprit may be that sweet innocent baby that suckles at your breast. If he or she has a mouth yeast infection or Thrush, they can pass it to the mother when feeding. Unfortunately it can become a cycle as the mother then reinfects the baby and so on. Usually when one has it, both mother and child need to get it treated.
  2. Nipple pads – You have a leaking problem and use nipple pads in your bra to prevent it leaking onto your clothes and embarrassing yourself. But having damp pads against your nipples creates a permanent moist environment the yeast loves. Plus it can also cause chaffing and damaged tissue is more likely to let in infection.
  3. Antibiotics – if either you or the baby are on antibiotics this raises the chances of getting a yeast infection.
  4. Damaged nipples – any damage to the nipples, caused by feeding or chaffing can allow a breast yeast infection to develop.
  5. Diet – A diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates is bad not just for your baby but also can lead to a yeast infection as the fungus feeds on them.
  6. Breast pumps – If breast pumps are not kept clean and sterilized they can become a breeding ground for all sorts of things.

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