What Are The Symptoms of a Breast Yeast Infection?

Women that suffer from a breast yeast infection tend to be breast feeding mothers. The candida grows in moist conditions, and the nipples are often damp when breastfeeding, either from having just fed the baby, or from leaking or from breast pads in your bra! Since this can affect the feeding of your child, and can be very uncomfortable to deal with it is important for new mothers to know what the symptoms of a breast yeast infection are so you can spot them and deal with it as soon as possible. It is also important for the health of the baby, as they can get an oral yeast infection from their infected mothers, known as Thrush, and then they can pass it back again and so on.

Symptoms of a breast yeast infection vary from woman to woman, and range in severity too but can include;

  • Nipple pain that is burning, shooting or stabbing in nature radiating from the nipples to deep into the breast. Pain is there during and after feedings and can cause mothers to wean earlier than they planned as it spoils the breastfeeding experience.
  • Nipples may be cracked
  • Nipples may look completely normal!
  • Sometimes there may be inflammation with red bumps
  • Previous problems with yeast infections, vaginal in particular

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