How Do You Prevent a Breast Yeast Infection?

A breast yeast infection tends to be something breastfeeding mothers may have to deal with. It can happen due to incorrect latching leading to nipple trauma and cracked skin, which can then become infected by the yeast. It is quite common for babies to get Thrush, an oral yeast infection, and they can pass it on to the breast when feeding. It then becomes a cycle of infection until it is dealt with in both mother and child. There are things you can do to help prevent it from happening though such as;

  1. Make sure you wash your hands often, but particularly after changing the baby’s diaper, after using the toilet, and then before and after nursing.
  2. Remember the ideal environment for the fungus is moist, and a nursing woman certainly has moist nipples often! Allow your nipples to air dry after feeding and when using breast pads change them as soon as they become wet.
  3. Get your vaginal yeast infection treated as soon as possible as it makes you more prone to yeast infections elsewhere.
  4. Avoid foods that are full of sugar as this feeds the candida.
  5. If your baby uses pacifiers and bottle nipples make sure they are cleaned properly and boiled regularly. Also do the same with your breast pump parts if you use one.
  6. If you see signs of an oral or diaper yeast infection in your baby talk to your doctor about treatment for the both of you.

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