What is a Recurring Yeast Infection?

Most women find yeast infections an annoying occurrence that can be dealt with either by natural or by conventional treatment methods and then forgotten. But for a few a yeast infection is much more than that. Women who have recurring yeast infections have 4 or more infections a year. They are particularly a problem for women with diabetes or weakened immune systems. Men can also get a recurring yeast infection but it is far less common.

Often a recurring yeast infection is because of either an underlying condition or because the woman treats the infection and not the trigger that keeps causing it. A diet high in sugars, refined, processed and junk foods, hormonal changes, the birth pill, antibiotics, stress are all triggers and there are more. If you treat a vaginal yeast infection without getting to the cause then you have a higher risk of getting a recurring or chronic yeast infection.

It is also true that some strains of candida albicans is becoming resistant to some drugs and so not all of the fungus is killed when treated, leaving it the opportunity to overgrow again a few weeks down the road. Another cause of recurring yeast infections is that some women are not following the instructions properly and are not completing the full course of treatment. They stop when the symptoms get better, but this does not mean all of the fungus has been destroyed.

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