Discussing Yeast Infection Bumps

When you get a yeast infection you can also get small raised bumps that occur on the skin around the infected area or on it. Yeast infections happen in moist and warm places which is why they are so common in the genital region. Most people tend to get the Candida infection in that region. It then results in horrible symptoms such as rashes, itching and soreness as the fungus over grows and the infection rapidly develops causing inflammation. Below you can read about some remedies for this condition that will help clear up those bumps.

If the bumps are the worst part of your infection that is actually a good thing, as this means you have detected it early on and a mild remedy will successfully treat it. But if you have the yeast infection bumps along with other more nasty symptoms such as blisters and a rash, lesions and sores, then this is a much more severe case particularly if those sores bleed too.

The bumps appear on the inner lips of the vagina, and can be both seen and felt. They can continue right into the cavity of the vagina as well. For men who are suffering from male yeast infection the bumps can appear on the shaft going up onto the head. In severe cases of this it can infect the scrotum.

To get rid of the bumps you can use over the counter topical treatments or prescribed anti-fungal treatments from your doctor. When it is a mild case your symptoms will go in a few days. There are also natural remedies you can try that some people prefer because they do not come with side effects. These include apple cider vinegar, garlic and tea tree oil.

Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oil you make into solutions which can be used in a squirt bottle to squirt the vagina for relief. If you have symptoms other than bumps such as itching and burning then develop you need to ask yourself why the infection is not improving. It may be you are on a course of antibiotics that affect yeast growth or you have a high blood sugar level which the yeast feeds off.

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