Yeast Infections in Men

Most men believe that yeast infections are a woman’s problem, not theirs but I am afraid this is a total misconception and more men need to become aware of what a yeast infection is and what the symptoms are to avoid going untreated. In fact male yeast infections are on the rise today.

Part of the reason for this is that men are having unprotected sex with a female partner who has a yeast infection. There is a large risk that doing this can result in the man becoming infected too. The yeast infection usually affects the penis and the area around it and can have quite a large impact on a man including how well the penis functions when urinating and when having sexual intercourse.

Apart from getting it from unprotected sex, there are other reasons a man may become more likely to contract this infection. Firstly an immune system that has been weakened means that the man is less able to fight the infection off. A yeast infection is just like other bacterial infections in that the immune system when strong keeps them away and your body healthy. But if weaker from another illness like HIV or cancer treatment, the immune system is not always able to fight it off.

Antibiotics are also a factor that can lead to a yeast infection as they kill all bacteria good and bad. You want good bacteria in the body because they are what keep the fungus under control.

As mentioned sex with an infected partner is a large cause. I will mention here that though use of a condom will help reduce the chances of getting a yeast infection it may not wholey prevent it as the yeast may be in the surrounding area of the vagina where contact happens.

Hopefully this information will help you prevent getting an infection and has made you more aware of the risks. If you do think you have an infection visit your physician to get a proper diagnosis.

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