Is There a Link Between Obesity and Candida?

Candida overgrowth is something that a growing number of people believe is something that is affecting them. While it is not exactly something recognized by many family doctors, there is much conversation about this subject and there are many symptoms and health ailments linked to it. One question commonly asked – is there a link between obesity and candida? The material that acknowledges the existence of candida overgrowth as a problem would answer this with a yes. So let’s explore the link between obesity and candida in more detail.

Sugar and Candida
The fact is when you have a problem with candida you are likely to notice a craving for all the wrong foods. Sugar and sweet foods like cakes, biscuits, sauces, sodas, and also carbohydrates that turn to sugar in the body like white breads and white pasta. Candida feeds on sugar so one effect of having candida overgrowth is developing cravings for those foods so that it ensures it has a good food supply. And of course another effect of eating these kinds of foods is that you are likely to put on weight thus there is one obvious link between obesity and candida right there. Another link to explore is that candida is known to cause fatigue in sufferers, and you may be inclined to turn to sugary foods and drinks to try and raise your energy levels.

Therefore if you are concerned about your weight and you think it may be linked to candida, you need to look at your diet and identify foods that you need to remove, and ones you need to strictly limit. Take out the sugary foods including those that have hidden sugars, there is sugar in places other than just sweet foods, ketchup, dressings and sauces for example. By doing this and trying to ignore those cravings you are not just restricting food that will make you put on weight, you are also starving the candida. You may have a worsening of symptoms at first, where there is an increase of toxins in your body from the candida dying, known as die-off, but this will eventually pass.

Other dietary links
Another issue that candida can cause is a deficiency in the nutrients your body needs, because it affects the digestive process and because you are low or missing good bacteria. A link between obesity and candida can occur as when you are lacking in the vitamins and nutrients it needs there can be weight gain. Turning food into energy requires certain enzymes which need those nutrients.

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