Is it Okay to Use Activated Charcoal for Candida Die-Off Symptoms?

In the intestinal tract are many micro-organisms including candida albicans and possibly other less common strains of candida. The friendly bacteria ensure the candida numbers stay at a small number so that no harm is done. But sometimes triggers can lead to an imbalance and an overgrowth of Candida. When the candida becomes pathogenic it release waste that are toxins. These toxins cause a large variety of symptoms and health issues and it is these toxins that the immune system reacts to.

Symptoms of Candida overgrowth

  • Vaginal yeast infection – itching, burning, redness, inflammation, white discharge
  • Intestinal tract – diarrhea, gas, cramps, bloating, heartburn, hemorrhoids, mucous in the stool, indigestion
  • Nervous system – spots in front of the eyes, irritability, dizziness, ear pain, erratic vision, numbness, tingling, uncoordinated, burning
  • Male yeast infection – impotence, itching, rash, prostatitis, lack of sexual desire
  • Skin and mucous membranes – nail infection, jock itch, oral yeast infection (Thrush), skin infections, rash
  • Urinary tract – need to urinate often and urgently, recurring urinary tract infections
  • Immune system – nasal drip, dry or sore throat, shortness of breath, eyes burning or tearing, cough, recurring infections, rashes
  • General – aches and pains, depression, fatigue, fogginess, obesity, poor memory

Treatment of candidiasis
Treatment needs to involve identifying and dealing with the trigger or root cause of the candida overgrowth. If you have a diet high in sugar you need to make changes, stop the overuse of antibiotics if possible, and so on. You can also choose to either use an anti-fungal medication or try more a more natural and holistic approach by visiting an alternative practitioner. However you may have to deal with something called yeast die-off or the Herxheimer Reaction.

Die-off is basically when the yeast is dieing in large numbers so it release a large amount of toxins into your system. Die-off symptoms can be very unpleasant and sometimes people incorrectly stop their treatment thinking things are getting worse, when in fact it is a sign the treatment is working. It can last for a few days up to a few weeks though more often than not it will clear up in a week. There are several things you can do and one of them is using activated charcoal for candida die-off symptoms.

Activated charcoal for candida die-off
Activated charcoal for candida works by absorbing the dead candida cells and the toxins they released and carries them out in your stool. Activated charcoal for candida stops the toxins being circulated around the body by binding them. This helps alleviate some of the die-off symptoms. When taking activated charcoal for candida it also suppresses the growth of intestinal-based yeasts.

Activated charcoal for candida is effective because it is a highly absorbent material. It is made by carbonizing organic matter in a kiln. Oxidizing gases are used which increase the charcoals absorbency by creating many fine pores. Charcoal was used for medicine purposes as far back as the Egyptian times in 1550 B.C, though the activation process was not developed till between 1870 to 1920. In medical journals activated charcoal was used for intestinal disorders and poisons.

Activated charcoal today is used for;

  • Systemic clearance of drugs and intoxicants
  • Intestinal problems
  • An antidote for poisons, chemicals and drugs
  • Detoxifying
  • Counteracting pathogens
  • Anti-aging
  • Reducing arteriosclerosis, coronary disease and cholesterol

Recommended doses of activated charcoal for candida overgrowth is 20-35 grams a day, divided up through the day and taken on an empty stomach.

Is it safe to use activated charcoal for candida?
Activated charcoal for candida is safe to use though there are some effects it can have on a person. Because of its absorbency it should not be taken within two hours of other medication as it will absorb that too, and you should take it on an empty stomach. It can cause constipation, which you may need to take a mild laxative to counteract, and your stools will be blackened.

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