How Does Aloe Vera for Candida Work?

Candida is a genus of fungus that has many species, only a few of which are pathogenic. Most people have some numbers of candida living in them, usually candida albicans, and it is kept at dormant low numbers by friendly bacteria. Candidiasis another name for candida yeast infections can happen anywhere but most commonly occurs in the mouth, the vagina and in the intestines. Symptoms range from the physical such as itching, inflammation, redness, rash, headaches, bloating, constipation and mental such as depression, fogginess, poor concentration.

When you visit a doctor and it is confirmed that your problem is a yeast infection, many will prescribe for you an anti-fungal drug treatment either topical or oral. Or if the case is mild they may recommend an over the counter medicated treatment for you to use. Many women have success with these options and the yeast infection is cured after taking the full course. However some women have not had good results with the conventional methods of treatment for yeast infections and are looking for something else. Or they may wish to try something more natural. Aloe vera for candida is one option many turn to and have great success with.

Aloe vera for candida
There are several ways you can use Aloe vera for candida yeast infections. You can get it in cream, gel and juice form and not only does it soothe that inflammation and itching it also has anti-fungal properties that fights the yeast. Aloe vera gel and cream are to be used topically, at the site of the infection, externally. Aloe vera juice can be consumed for internal benefits and can also be used as a mouthwash for oral yeast infection or Thrush. Just rinse your mouth out, spitting out the rinse so that you don’t swallow the infectious deposits and introduce them to your digestive tract where they may cause further harm.

You can also use aloe vera for candida as a preventative measure. At times when you are more prone to yeast infections, such as hormonal changes or when you are taking a course of antibiotics drink aloe vera juice as a way to try and stop an overgrowth from occurring. Mix the juice with fruit juice to make it taste better and either drink 1-3 oz a day all at once, or split it up and have it with each meal.

Steps to take alongside using aloe vera for candida overgrowth
Identify the root cause of the infection and deal with it if possible. If your diet is too high in sugars or refined foods, make adjustments, if you are overstressed, find a way to manage it more effectively. You can also take some helpful supplements like probiotics which will top up the good bacteria in your body and help fight the fungus. Eat more green leafy foods, more raw foods, drink lots of water to flush out the toxins the fungus releases. Get some regular exercise to improve your immune system.

How does using aloe vera for candida infections work?
Aloe vera contains minerals that are important to our health. Candida overgrowth can cause a deficiency in some minerals which then weakens the immune system and hinders it in the fight against the fungus. Aloe vera can help restore those minerals. It also has an alkalizing effect in the body restoring pH balance to the optimum for the body to get rid of toxins and absorb nutrients which strengthens the immune system.

As well as encouraging the growth of good bacteria aloe vera for candida can also act as a mild laxative helping to get rid of toxins that have collected in the colon. It repairs the damage done to your intestinal wall and helps the liver detoxify your blood. While being gentle on the body it is still a powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory agent. However it should not be used by people with kidney disease, heart disease, electrolyte abnormalities or thyroid disease and it can cause allergies in some people with symptoms of rashes or hives.

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