Facts About Yeast Infections

Nobody wants to get a yeast infection. You carry out your lives as you want to live them and then suddenly you find yourself itching, burning, finding it painful when you pee or have sex and have an unusual white thick discharge. It totally affects your life, if you are able to go out at all and is very uncomfortable and embarassing. This article is going to have a look at what causes a yeast infection and what changes you can make in your life in order to better cure it and then prevent any further infection.

The fungus that causes the yeast infection is in all of us, men and women and children. Usually it is harmless, it doesn’t help us but it doesn’t hurt us. But if the immune system stops working as well as it should and good bacteria in our bodies are depleted then the fungus overgrows and leads to an infection. Quite often it is something we have done or do not do that leads to an infection such as:

Wearing tight clothing or synthetic materials or nylons all the time can make you more at risk of yeast infections. This is because the yeast loves a home that is wet and warm and dark. These items of clothing make you sweat more making the environment better for the yeast to grow. Cotton or other breathable fabrics are a better choice, alongside loose clothing that allows air to circulate.

Some drugs upset the pH balance in the body which means the yeast can grow more. Avoid long term use of antibiotics and birth control pills and steroids.

Exercise is important but you must change out of sweaty gym clothes as soon as possible. Do not linger in a damp bathing suit after swimming.

Avoid sugar as it is a source of food for the yeast. Also cut down on carbs, yeast, refined and processed foods.

You can pass yeast infections back and forth during sex so wear a condom and both partners should get checked out. Also avoid certain lubricants as they disrupt the vaginal environment. Some sex toys are made of a rubber that can also be harmful.

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