Eating Sugar with Candida Overgrowth – What are the effects?

Candida is one of many microorganisms living in the body, different kinds of bacteria live there too. They all live in balance with each other, some helping us like the good bacteria, and some being harmless when at low numbers like the candida. That balance is important to keep us healthy. But there are some things that can change the balance, remove the good bacteria, help the candida grow into numbers that are too high and cause us to be ill. One thing that you need to be careful about is eating sugar with candida overgrowth. Here we look at the negative affect sugar can have and why in a candida diet sugar is the first thing that has to be cut out. There are also some safe sugar alternatives mentioned for anyone wanting something that is safe to substitute with.

The negative effects of sugar
When talking sugar this is not just the white granulated stuff you add to your tea or coffee. This includes obvious foods that contain sugars like cookies and cakes, the less obvious foods high in sugar like salad dressings and sauces, and the refined carbohydrates that turn to sugar inside you like white bread and pasta. There are also many different types or names for sugar, honey, syrup, fructose, sucrose, malts, lactose, jams, brown, cane, granulated, powdered to name a very small number of them. General negative effects of sugar consumption include;

  • Increases cholesterol
  • Increases weight gain
  • Tooth decay
  • Can weaken eyesight
  • Can decrease growth hormone
  • Can cause food allergies
  • Can interfere with protein absorption
  • Can affect children’s behavior and learning
  • Affects diabetes
  • Can be a factor in the cause of eczema
  • Causes cardiovascular disease
  • In children can cause poor behavior, poor concentration, anxiety and hyperactivity
  • Affects our immune system
  • Feeds candida albicans the cause in yeast infections

The effects of eating sugar with candida overgrowth
Sugar is the number one food for candida. In a person with a diet high in foods that contain it, and refined or simple carbohydrates this means you are supplying the candida with a huge all you can eat buffet. A person’s diet needs to be balanced and healthy if the internal balance is to be maintained. Overindulgence in sugar and foods and drink with sugar in them feeds the candida, allowing it to overgrow. It then creates a craving in you for those foods so that you continue to supply it with the food it needs to continue overgrowing and spreading.

Alternatives to eating sugar with candida overgrowth
A candida diet has you cutting out sugar in all its forms but that does not mean you have to completely give up all things sweet. While most sugar substitutes should still be avoided, there are a few that do not feed the candida and so can be eaten on candida diet. Plus they have other advantages that may interest you into continuing to use them after the candida diet is done. The two main alternatives candida sufferers use are Xylitol and Stevia. They are both natural sweet alternatives that may take getting used to in terms of quantities, but will not encourage candida overgrowth.

Stevia is a herb and because it has no calories does not affect our levels of insulin. This means it is good for diabetics and for people trying to lose weight. It is a lot sweeter than sugar so less is used when cooking with it. In japan 41% of people use Stevia rather than other sweeteners including sugar. There are no known toxicity issues.

Xylitol is a substance found in some fruit and vegetables, corn and hardwood trees. Our bodies actually produce some already as we metabolize. Too much should not be used; the safe limit is 40g a day which is the equivalent of ten to twelve teaspoons of sugar. Less insulin is released when this is consumed compared to sugar and an added benefit is it is anti-microbial so prevents the growth of bacteria or fungi rather than encourages it.

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