Colloidal Silver for Candida Treatment

Colloidal silver is an old remedy that has been used for a long time to combat infections and it too can be used as an alternative treatment for yeast infections. It is important to make sure you purchase a good quality silver, as a low quality one will be less absorbable and hard for the body to get out of the system. That could lead to metal build up which causes blue nails and skin.

How does colloidal silver work for candida
Colloidal silver are tiny particles of silver suspended in water which have anti-microbial properties. When consumed it attacks unfriendly pathogens not friendly bacteria. It does this because it is able to identify anaerobic in nature (pathogens) from aerobic (friendly). Rather than attacking the pathogens directly the silver attacks the enzymes the yeast and viruses need to live. This means there is no problem with the candida developing a resistance to the treatment, as is happening with current conventional drug treatments. In this manner it is able to support the immune system against many diseases and infections including the candida fungus. Plus colloidal silver for candida is effective because it also helps with the healing process, helping repair damaged tissues.

Any form of yeast infection gets the benefit of colloidal silver for candida, vaginal, skin, athlete’s foot and so on. And it also deal with internal overgrowth helping to stop a large number of symptoms.

Colloidal silver for candida in soap
Due to its germ fighting properties, some manufacturers of soap have decided to take advantage of colloidal silver’s benefits and now use it in soap. Not only do you keep your skin clean with it, it will also help keep your immune system at peak condition and can help with skin yeast infection. If you are interested in using such soaps look for ones that have at least 20ppm for the best results.

How do you use colloidal silver for candida
When using colloidal silver for candida it is important to build up your use of it gradually until the symptoms go away. This will help control the rate at which the toxins are expelled from your body and therefore minimizes any die-off effects that may occur. Pregnant and breast feeding women should not use it, and it should only be used for two to three months at a time so that your body is able to strengthen itself rather than becoming reliant on the colloidal silver to get rid of undesirable micro-organisms.

Putting together a regime of colonic, acidophilus supplementation and colloidal silver is a good way to to get rid of the candida and its toxins. Start with 4oz of colloidal silver for candida a day then increase that by about an ounce a day until you experience signs of the toxins leaving your body or until the symptoms of your yeast infection are relieved.

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