Yeast Infection Medications – Oral treatment for Candida

Other names for yeast infections include Thrush, Moniliasis, Candidiasis and they are caused by the overgrowth of a fungus called Candida albicans mostly, though there are other pathogenic species of candida that are on the increase as causes of yeast infections. Symptoms vary from person to person but include inflammation, redness, itching, cottage cheese like discharge, white spots and lesions for oral yeast infections. It is important to be sure that your problem is a yeast infection to get the correct treatment as there are a variety of yeast infection medications and natural remedies you can choose from, but all will be ineffective if your problem isn’t the fungus.

Oral treatment for candida in the vagina
Often women prefer the idea of being able to take a pill to treat their vaginal yeast infection as that way is easier for their busy lives, is less messy and means you do not have to remember to follow a treatment schedule each day for 3, 5 or 7 days. There is one over the counter brand that offers yeast infection medications as a pill for a vaginal yeast infection, but at the time of writing this essay the only other way to get oral treatment for candida in this form is to see your doctor and get it on prescription.

On prescription oral treatment for candida is usually fluconazole, but nystatin or amphotericin B may also be used, particularly in cases where since out of the yeast infection medications fluconazole is one that candida albicans can sometimes be resistant to. Otherwise it is far more common for vaginal yeast infection to be treated topically, with either suppositories or creams unless your infection is caused by a different species of candida such as candida glabrata in which case oral treatment for candida will be given.

Yeast infection medications for Thrush (oral yeast infection)
Of course if your infection is oral then you can get oral treatment for candida! Anti-fungal medications come in a few forms for Thrush the more common being suspensions and lozenges. A suspension oral treatment for candida involves swishing the liquid around the mouth for a time before swallowing, or lozenges are sucked to release the medication in the mouth. Common yeast infection medications for Thrush are Nystan, which uses the drug Nystatin in an oral suspension form, Funglin uses the drug Amphotericin B in lozenge form or Daktarin use miconazole is oral gel form.

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