What Can Homeopathy Do For My Yeast Infection?

Conventional medicine uses anti-fungal drugs to treat yeast infection, which come in various forms, oral, topical, systemic and so on. You can use over the counter treatments or you may need something stronger prescribed by a doctor. But this is not the only treatment option you have. There are homeopathic options that are also effective against yeast infection if you find the right combination that works for you.

There are many different herbs and supplements that can treat a yeast infection. Just as you should not diagnose and treat yourself with drugs without talking to a doctor, you should also consult with an expert in homeopathic treatments if you decide you want a more natural approach to treating your condition.

Usually whatever herbs or regime the expert suggests (an individual treatment is created for each patient) you begin slowly and build up gradually. Often there is something called die-off, a worsening of symptoms caused by the increase in toxins caused by dieing candida. This usually only lasts a few days. After two to four weeks you should see results.

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