Using Coconut oil to treat Candida

Yeast infections are a growing problem affecting everyone, men and women of all ages, from the very young newly born to the elderly. There are a lot of treatment options out there now, medicated over the counter, medicated prescribed, natural products, herbal, home remedies, homeopathic and so on. There are several oils that can be used to treat candida and coconut oil is one of them. For candida sufferers who are looking for an alternative treatment for their problem, perhaps because drugs have not worked or because you are interested in natural means of treatment, coconut oil is an effective option you may want to consider.

How does it work?
Using coconut oil to treat candida is effective because of the fatty acids chains found in it, capric acid, a 10 carbon saturated fatty acid, and lauric acid a 12 carbon saturated fatty acid. Capric acid kills several strains of candida albicans quickly and effectively and lauric acid is active even at low concentrations. It is a component of breast milk and is part of what helps the baby’s immune system develop. Therefore if other means of treatment have been ineffective due to resistance from the fungus, using coconut oil to treat candida is a viable alternative treatment option.

How to use coconut oil to treat candida
When using coconut oil to treat candida make sure you are using virgin or organic oil only. There are three main ways to use it, depending on the form of infection,as part of your diet for intestinal overgrowth, topically for skin or external yeast infections and then on a tampon as a suppository for a vaginal yeast infection. Here is an explanation of each method.

  1. Topically – Just rub on the site of the infection like you would a lotion or body oil. It will help soothe the symptoms while it acts against the candida.
  2. On a tampon – Warm up the oil gently until it is in liquid form and dip a tampon into it. Then insert into the vagina to treat a vaginal yeast infection. Each night before going to bed do this and wear a pad with underwear in case of leaking. Repeat for about 5 nights and your infection should clear up.
  3. In your diet – Cut out sugars and refined foods and then build up to getting three and a half tablespoons of coconut oil in your diet each day. Also take a probiotic supplement to top up your good bacteria. Drink a lot of water to flush out toxins and help combat the symptoms of candida die-off. If these symptoms get too difficult to live with, cut back on how much oil you are taking to slow down the death rate of the fungus. The great thing with coconut oil is that it can be cooked at high temperatures without loosing the fatty acids that make it an anti-fungal treatment. Use it in stir frys, baking, smoothies – just use your imagination.

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